Dry Lining Contractors in Kerry

Insulate your home with dry lining internal walls is an effective start. The team at Richard Clifford Construction are experts at installing dry lining in homes and businesses throughout Kerry and Cork, south-west Ireland. Save money long-term with the dry lining method of wall insulation and is great for reducing heat loss of your home. A dwelling that has had dry lining installed can see heating bills reduced by up to 30%.

Walls have the greatest exposure to the elements and in order to save on fuel bills our team can dry line your home and business with minimum disruption in the quickest time possible.

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Benefits of Dry Lining

Following the economic down turn over the past few years has affected every home throughout Ireland. Many home makers realised that being more prudent with finances can make things more beneficial in the long term.

If we are not spending it, the money is available for other uses.

Fuel bills are the most expensive expenditure in homes and reducing these costs has become very important.

Dry lining is the most affordable process to reduce heat loss through walls and in turn reduce the costs of heating the home or business premises.

Just a few benefit points of dry lining:

  • Immediate reduction of heating costs.
  • In winter there will be a noticeable increase of comfort levels
  • Environmentally, there will be a reduction of the buildings carbon foot print
  • Home heating efficiency will increase by at least 30%
  • Internal dry lining wall insulation will save you money


Dry Lining Insulation Grants

There are currently two grant programs for dry lining insulation available to homeowners in Ireland:

Apply for the Better Energy Homes grant these scheme are for homeowners who invest in energy efficiency exuipment in one or more of the following areas:

  • Roof Insulation,
  • Wall Insulation,
  • Installation of a High Efficiency (> 80%)
  • Gas or Oil fired Boiler,
  • Heating Control Upgrades
  • Solar panels.

The Homes Grant Scheme aims to improve the energy efficiency of your home and comfort conditions of homes occupied by vulnerable households in receipt of the National Fuel Allowance Scheme through the installation of draught proofing, attic insulation, lagging jackets, low energy light bulbs and cavity wall insulation where appropriate.

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